sean bell mastering engineer adelaide


I've been taking small steps in the audio industry since 2015; studying a Diploma of Sound Engineering at TAFESA & SAE, and Music Industry (Business) at MusicSA. I've worked at and been a recording artist in studios around Adelaide, organised and facilitated events, worked at festivals, and mentored young artists. 


Since 2017 I have turned my focus to mastering; building a studio with hand-assembled analog equipment and custom acoustic treatment, and diving headfirst into the life-long journey that is mastering. My studio is a hybrid setup: a huge collection of plug-ins for critical analysis and problem correction, paired with analog summing and outboard gear for the saturation and glue that really brings music to life.


The idea for Small Steps has come from my work in youth arts programs as a mentor and facilitator.

Non-profit arts organisations Carclew and Northern Sound System have given me first-hand insight into the value of music, and more specifically, the importance of accessible education in the greater arts community.

With this in mind, I encourage you to contact me to ask about anything audio related. From setting up a home studio to balancing a mix, getting your music on Spotify, or insight into the mastering process. No obligation, free of charge.

I want to help you take the small steps that will get your music to another level.

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